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Surprise for bingo lovers

IT WAS more an eyeful than eyes down for bingo players when prankster Speedo Shy popped in. The student, real name Shayan Shayegani, was filming for his YouTube channel when he visited the Connaught Bingo Club in Herne Bay — in his Speedos. The clip also included footage from the Saxon Shore Wetherspoons as well as the bowling alley in Whitstable and supermarkets. Connaught manager Josie Bush said it was a surprise. She said:

“He just appeared from nowhere and danced down the main hail, turned around and disappeared out of the front door. All the customers cheered. He certainly put a smile on their faces.”

Club owner Tony Lynch said that while they did not condone the prank, they did see the funny side.

Herne Bay Times, June 4th 2014

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