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Successful afrport would do more bad

Does Mr Illsley of Why Not Manston? think that the airport exists purely for his benefit to be able to have “the sheer pleasure of the rapid processing that Manston delivers” (Airport Loss Would Be Blow For Area, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, April 3)? Does he not comprehend that if the airport becomes a success that he will be subject to the same long waits that confront people at Gatwick and Heathrow? Does he not understand that some of the few remaining fields which Thanet still has will turn into giant car parks and that levels of road traffic will increase alarmingly? Does he not realise that the parking, cheap at present, will become very expensive and that the people of nearby villages will suffer from people parking their cars long-term in their streets to avoid high charges? Have all the effects of global warming passed him by in Worth? Does he not have any concerns about his children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s health with the increasing air pollution and noise pollution caused by both the airplanes and the road traffic? He talks about the potential growth in local tourism. Is this same growth in local tourism that Dover was always going to benefit from but which never quite materialised?

Still, none of the concerns matter as long as Mr Illsey has the “sheer convenience of being able to hop on a plane after a short run and leave his motor car at a modest cost within yards of the terminus building” – indeed a prize beyond price; except that future generations will end up paying a far higher price for his indulgences. Did Sir Roger Gale MP, talking about potential developers, really say “It is not as straightforward as one or two clowns think it is” in your article (Is This Is The End Of The Runway?, Kent Business, April 3)?

Surely not — nobody taking up a negotiating stance would refer to people taking a different view in that manner unless, of course, they really like clowns. I must also take issue with Kent Business associate editor Trevor Sturgess, who states: “Thanet council has capitulated to local moaners by restricting late and early arrivals.” Who does he think he is? Why shouldn’t people who are going to be disturbed forever by noise and air pollution be allowed to speak their mind? Does Mr Burgess not care about the babies, children, elderly people and all in between who will have their quality of life diminished for the sake of profit? Moaners indeed!!

Apathy? Sleepwalking into losing our airport? Try and understand what is occurring worldwide and that our headlong rush for short-term gain and convenience is going to result, and Is already resulting, in such severe changes to the world as we know it, that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will be made homeless and may well end up living in the pleasant area of Worth (if that area too has not permanently disappeared under rising sea water) and Kent generally.

Mrs S. Morris
North Stream, Chislet

Herne Bay Gazette, April 10th 2014

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