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Storms would not affect pier project

I would like to set the record straight after the torrent of non-stop swipes by Doreen Stone at the pier marina idea (We’re Working Hard To Bring Life To Pier, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, November 27). Back in the depths of the worst recession since possibly since the 1930s we held a meeting with no less than three multi-billion pound companies and showed them a vision of a pier marina which was just over three quarters of a mile out to sea. We then asked them if they had any doubts about the idea and if not would they help us with some work for free, they all duly obliged. So when Doreen Stone claims she and her group were advised that a marina out at sea would not work they were advised incorrectly.
The current Neptune’s Arm which also faces the savage North Sea harbours about a dozen vessels of all sizes. The wall, admittedly, is not quite as high as it should be. However, our proposed marina wall would be both more robust and higher and it is feasible to have vessels out that far. The conditions you get on a northerly storm about three quarters of a mile at sea are the same at Neptune’s Arm. We are also being constantly asked to get the project up and running by beat owners because they are desperate for mooring berths. I also bring to the attention about her claims we were going to charge £7.50. Just for the record not at any time did we, the rebuild group, say we were going to charge £7.50. In fact we never discussed the final report because we were cut off and told via a press release in January 2013 we were no longer part of the Herne Hay Pier Trust.

Andy Newell, Gordon Road, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, December 4th 2014

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