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Spending on the rec is not a big priority

THE recreation ground is one of the jewels in Faversham’s crown and money for improvement is welcome, but your prominent heading referring to a £600,000 plan (November 19) conveys an over optimistic impression. As your piece makes clear, the actual total is £577,000, of which £250,000 is potential money dependent on successful applications for outside funding. This leaves £327,000 in real money, of which £122,000 has already been spent or committed, so we are now down to £205,000. It seems likely that the council will seek to honour some of its leasehold agreements with Faversham Municipal Charities by prioritising reinstatement of Victorian iron railings along Park Road and Whitstable Road and replacing the bandstand. Having lived in Faversham for over 40 years, I cannot say that my enjoyment of the rec has been significantly impaired by the absence of railings (which I understand would cost around £150,000) and I do not follow Anita Walker’s suggestion that they “will make things much safer”.The remaining £55,000 or more would be needed to replace or reinstate the bandstand (an excellent idea). So, while there has been some public consultation, all the other suggestions we were invited to vote on would be entirely dependent on obtaining additional funding

Mike Venis

Herne Bay Times, December 3rd 2014

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