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SNAFU at TDC Public Consultation

Phew! Panic over.

For a while there, it looked like the TDC Consultation machine was randomly rejecting emails without telling anyone.

What’s actually happening is that the lone soul that TDC has assigned to the task of dealing with the submissions to the public consultation has simply been snowed under.

When each submission comes in, she checks that all the necessary name and address details are present, then checks it’s not a duplicate, then updates her list of people who have taken part, and then sends out a confirmation email.

So many submissions have come in – around 1,000 apparently – that she hasn’t been able to keep up, so if you haven’t received your confirmation email yet, don’t fret. Mind you, don’t hold your breath either – she’s off next week. Who organises this stuff?

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  1. Gloria in Thanet

    I hope everyone realises that all members of the public are invited to contribute to this consultation and not just people on the electoral roll. Children and young people are residents too and TDC recently had a consultation targetting specifically youth between the ages of 11 and 19. So parents get writing tonight! The wonder of having a consultation 1. without setting out the facts clearly to everyone first, and 2. without any technical or scientific parameters, is a complete waste of everyone's time and utterly meaningless.What matters is that effectively the council may permit the construction of a new invisible flyover directly over thousamds of residents in Ramsgate from the sea over the town, for the sole purpose of allowing stinking, dangerous cargo flights.This proposal definately requires planning permission!

  2. And another thing

    It says in this government document that a consultation should be a minimum of 12 weeks.And a lot more which may be of some help to our witless councillors!http://www.bis.gov.uk/files/file47158.pdf