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Shameful secrecy, disgraceful conduct

We’re pretty clear that the whole PwC thing, apparently OK’d by “Dave” Cameron, is a transparent attempt to keep any pro-Manston votes loyal until Farage and UKIP are safely defeated in North and South Thanet.

Intrigued by the suggestion that it will take a leading accountancy firm two months to decide whether RiverOak had the dosh for a CPO, we thought we would ask for the Terms of Reference for their work. In went our Freedom of Information Act request to the DfT, with their deadline for reply being today.

Imagine our surprise when we received their reply saying that they couldn’t possibly decide whether or not it is in the public interest to release this information until, well, until… June.

After the election, obviously.

And after PwC has issued its report at the end of May.

Now then, call us cynical of you like, but does anyone still harbour the barest smidgeon of belief that this PwC project is anything other than a barefaced, cynical, transparent, and rather clumsy political ploy by the Conservative Party to use public money and resources to support their two Thanet candidates?

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  1. When I heard Mr Cameron on the news giving his support for Manston I immediately thought, hello, he is trying to put people off voting for Farage and UKIP. Desperate or what? I do wonder if we have a candidate for Herne Bay. We have had 2 leaflets but no one has put in an appearance either here or on the television. Once upon a time candidates used to walk the streets and knock on doors but I suppose aqe catches up with some! Mind you on Tuesday, much to my surprise a very nice UKIP representative did call and we had an interesting talk. Makes you think?.