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See the future, then decide

These two maps are taken from Manston’s night flight proposal.

  • The maps show the “sound footprint” of the airport.
  • The top map is for 2010, the bottom map is their 2018 forecast.
  • In 2018, the “sound footprint” is bigger and louder.
  • The blue lines around the runway are noise contours.
  • In both maps the outermost blue line is the 48dB contour.
  • In 2010, the 48dB contour is 300 yards from the end of the runway.
  • In 2018, the 48dB contour stretches a mile out to sea.
  • In 2018, most of Ramsgate will feel like they’re living next to the runway.
  • This is your future if your Council gives in to Manston’s demands.

Now, and then.

Write to your councillors, write to your MP.

No Night Flights!

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  1. Looking at map 1 and the noise contours it would appear that currently the planes gently waft in and only switch their engines on when they hit the runway.On map 2 it would appear they have used a deaf man to guage the decibals.The noise generated by these planes is massively in excess of these maps. Everybody knows it and everybody knows that Manston and TDC do their best to hide it.

  2. The Proposed Night-time Flying Policy seemed to possibly offer a glimmer of hope in that properties within a certain decibel range would have their bedrooms sound proofed, however, read sections 41 – 43 apparantly NO properties fall within the supposed "affected area". Even by 2018 according to their measurements there will only be 72 properties affected by noise from night flights !!

  3. "There are people who exaggerate so much that they can't tell the truth without lying.Mark Twain

  4. Everyone living within or near the areas covered by the noise contours should get their property valued "imminently" by 3 estate agents.From what I have been reading from a variety of sources the increased use/expansion of Manston as an all singing and dancing airport will reduce property prices by about 30%. For those living nearer the airport it could render their properties unsaleable. Not only are our Councils prepared to destroy nearly 30,000 people's health and happiness, but steal the value of their homes which they have worked hard to secure.I also agree that the most likely need for changing the function of the airport is so that Infratil have something to sell. At present it is worth nothing. And there are no interested passenger aviation companies. I am surprised that there isn't a contingency publicised by KCC and TDC defining the land for building homes as this would hike the land values enormously a create profits for many of the construction companies that they have vested interests in.NB Airport noise devalues property… http://econ.la.psu.edu/papers/nelson_metanoise31.pdf