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Seafront Spa plans re-submitted

Front and rear views of the seafront site where plans are being made for a health spa and hotel
Front and rear views of the seafront site where plans are being made for a health spa and hotel

Plans for a new health spa hotel on Herne Bay seafront have been resubmitted to council officers. The proposals at East Cliff Parade, near the Kings Hall, are for a luxury retreat with facilities for slimming, weight loss and detox.

But last summer residents reacted to the proposals with fury, believing it would ruin the sea views in Canterbury Road and Beacon Hill. That application was rejected under powers delegated to council officers in September. In a report they stated:

“The development proposed on this restricted corner plot would represent a congested form of development and an over-development of the site. The development would have an incongruous appearance that would be out of keeping with and detrimental to the character of the area.”

But new plans have been submitted to the council for the site by architects Ian Barber Associates, who are also responsible for the new Bun Penny designs. Ian Barber told the Gazette:

“Basically, I have scaled down the building in terms of bulk. It is much closer to the previous application. It contains the same number of rooms and is very similar. It is on the seafront in that little corner, which is a piece of land which certainly needs improving. It looks a bit untidy with vans parked there. It doesn’t look like the gateway to the sea front promenade. There are exciting plans all the way along the seafront, with major regeneration taking place in Herne Bay.”

The view North, as you come down Canterbury Road towards the sea
The view as you come down Canterbury Road towards the sea


Comments opposing the new scheme have already appeared on the council’s website. Pamela Addley said:

“I was appalled to see that planning permission has been sought. This is totally out of keeping in a conservation area and with the existing cottages. Having seen the plans I cannot believe that this can possibly go ahead. There are many practical reasons for this objection. Apart from the size and shape of the building, where will the residents and staff park? Parking in this area is already overpopulated. The Downs are a very old part of Herne Bay and this building will not be sympathetic to it and the surrounding buildings.”

The view from the front
The view from the front


But Mr Barber said the new hotel would not need parking. It will have room for 15 guests, and the owner intends to run a minibus service to the railway station. He added:

“It will be a mix of people coming for a week, the weekend, or even just a day or two. It’s all about people being able to relax. It is similar to the resort she [the owner] already runs in Sussex. It will bring something new into Herne Bay. It’s a local project that will bring employment and other benefits in.”

Herne Bay Gazette, April 23rd 2015

Personal opinion: This is greedy. It is out of keeping and out of scale with the surrounding conservation area. A minibus to the station will NOT remove the additional parking requirement.

You have until 11th May to comment on the proposals, which you can find through the CCC Planning page, or by clicking this link:

CA//15/00812 | Erection of building to provide a luxury slimming, detox and weight loss retreat (use class C1). | Land adjacent to Spray Cottage, East Cliff Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5HU

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