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Scrap the parties?

YOUR correspondent R. Sayer of Thrikerton Road, Whitstable, makes a very valid point (‘Keep out of politics,’ Your Views, Herne Bay Times, March 11). The 50 city councillors from various political parties are elected every four years to represent the residents of their wards, but the council officers are employees of the city council, the equivalent of the civil service at Whitehall. Their job is to advise the ward councillors impartially and ultimately carry out their wishes according to the decisions arrived at by the executive. It would indeed be highly detrimental to the democratic process if these officers were seen to be too political. Let us hope that they are in no way biased or influenced by any political party, whoever is in power in the city. Fears like this are fuel to the belief held by many citizens of this district that local councils should not in fact be run along political lines at all, but by
people elected for their skills and local knowledge, and their desire to do the best forthe local community.

Janet Berridge
Birch Road, Canterbury

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010