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Sainsbury’s could bring new bridge to Blacksole

A NEW Blacksole Bridge could finally become a reality as part of the development of a new superstore near Beltinge. Documents submitted with a formal planning application for Sainsbury’s at Altira include the bridge as part of a transport plan for the supermarket. There would also be business units, a cafe and petrol station along with almost 500 car parking spaces. City councillor Peter Vickery-Jones, who has campaigned for the bridge to be built for years, said:

“We are not likely to have an opportunity like this again. It will provide up to 300 much needed jobs and there is a connection between this development and Blacksole Bridge.”


“I am happy to support this – even though it means as a member of the planning committee I will be unable to vote on it — because I feel a responsibility to people living on the Talmead estate and in the rest of the ward to do all I can to make the bridge happen.”

As part of negotiations with Canterbury City Council, developers Terrace Hill are also offering to plough millions into Herne Bay town centre, including promoting independent shops with events and advertising campaigns and funding a new event a year for three years. There would also be free parking in place at certain times, better signs leading to the town centre and car parks, and improvements to the physical environment, with new benches and planters. The application was lodged this week and comments can be submitted to the council’s planning department until the end of this month. For details visit www.canterbury.gov.uk

Herne Bay Times, April 17th 2014

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