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Roger Gale – joker or knave?

Roger Gale
Sir Roger Gale MP

Oh dear, oh dear, that Rodge, he just can’t help himself when it comes to his emotional attachment to that poor old failed airport. Facts become irrelevant in his desperate desire to resurrect any kind of an airport from the ashes of the extinct one.

In the recent one-and-a-half page Gazette puff for Sir Roger’s views as Conservative candidate for Thanet North, he was asked as the very last question whether he thinks there is still hope for Manston. Interestingly, he’s a bit less gung-ho than he has been on the likely outcome, saying only that he thinks there is hope. However, what really interested us was his last sentence:

“I have to disagree with Paul Carter that it should be sold off for development and smothered with housing.”

Now, we haven’t seen anything by Paul Carter that suggests that he thinks that the site should be “smothered” with housing. We’re pretty confident that Gale hasn’t seen a Carter comment like this either. Nor have we seen anything from the owners that suggests for a minute that they plan to “smother” the site in housing. [They’re not.]

In fact, the only people who have ever talked in these terms are the airport-at-any-price pressure groups.

So, either Rodge is shockingly ill-informed, or he is knowingly and deliberately making this up just to mislead the electorate.

Surely not? Not old “180º degree post-election about-turn” Rodge? What? Say anything that comes into his head in the hope of getting elected? Perish the thought. No, it must be that he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Could anyone out there bring the poor love up to date on the owners’ plans so that he can give this a bit of thought and then make a more fact-based comment? Ta.

Courtesy of Manston Pickle

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  1. I feel very sorry for mr gale, his tunnel- vision for manston is pathetic. I also object to being an off-shoot of thanet north when my council tax goes to Canterbury.

  2. Kent Resident

    Voting for Sir Roger on May 7th would be like banging another nail in Thanet’s coffin. He should have retired gracefully but he is on a personal mission and this debacle on Manston Airfield will come back and bite hard on Thanet residents and job seekers.

  3. Herne Bay hopeful

    Several years ago he met the owners of a business in Herne Bay and told them he would support them and do everything he could to protect their business. He subsequently wrote a letter to the Council that led to the business having to close down. Enough said. At a previous General Election he canvassed in our road, spoke to me on my doorstep and made all sorts of promises. He never kept any of them. I would never vote for him again. As far as Manston is concerned, he should accept that the airport is closed and will never open again and stop supporting its re-opening just to get votes.