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Residents can have a free red wheelie bin

JUST a few lines to update you on red wheelie bins. In letters to the editor over the past two months, Canterbury City Council have now decided the residents can have a free red wheelie bin if we apply to Serco on 01227 819400, delivery will cost £8.50, or collect from Serco Kingsmead office for free. You will have to return the black insert from the blue bin. Thank you for your support and voting on my online petition @Canterbury City Council (38 as of April 14, 2014).

J Bromley
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, April 22nd 2015

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  1. Mrs B Morris

    I hope I can get a red lidded paper bin as weeks ago the bin men in my road lost my paper insert box when they collected my recycling I reported it that day and was told it had not been reported as lost or destroyed by the bin crew on that round so if I wanted a new one I would have to purchase one at my expense so now I am unable to recycle paper and cardboard of a by kind it now fills up my landfill bin.I will phone Serco asap and see what happens.
    Yours Truly.
    Mrs B Morris.

  2. Dear John,

    I was tearing an old Canterbury Times up to start the fire in our fireplace and saw the article about you, ‘Dump discriminates against pedestrians’. What made me keep the page was the paragraph about your petition to get a free red wheelie bin. I’ve been browsing the internet about it and found this post. When I found it just now, I found myself clapping in applause for your effort.

    Thank you so much pursuing. I unsuccessfully tried before for our free bin, after the closing date, but didn’t think about the petition.


    P.S. I think you should have been allowed to walk into the Recycling centre to empty your wheelie bin; that was unnecessarily petty.