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Readers write

Subject: Flight last night

Message: Hi, just wanted to let you know for your records that once again a plane landed at Manston around 11.15pm last night (30th May 2011) I was in my garden with my dog at the time. It wasn’t one of the largest cargo planes, but was still very noisy and appeared to be a medium sized passenger plane – but I’m no expert so this may not be correct. I couldn’t see a name / logo. Once the plane had passed there was terrific amount of turbulence afterwards.

S. (Nethercourt resident)

There was a night flight arrival over Ramsgate at 11.17 last night – possibly the 10.22 late arriving, though it sounded louder than a passenger plane!



Last night`s late flight coming over at 11.17 pm was, in fact, the 10.22 pm passenger plane late. I know someone who was on the plane. He said that they were going to take them to Gatwick and lay on buses, but there was uproar on the plane which resulted in them getting permission to land here. So now Thanet travellers know that if they cause trouble on a late plane we will have to put up with being disturbed.


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  1. Well, people, it looks like that particular plane was definitely outside the permitted flying times. This is your opportunity to click on the "Complain" option in the menu on the left, or the "Grrrr!" man in the box on the right, and follow the suggestions for how best to complain.I wish you both the very best.