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Reaction to the Council vote

The Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District (CDCD) welcomes the adoption of the motion at last Thursday night’s Council meeting to reform the way in which the Council makes decisions.

We see it as a good first step, but we do not yet know what the outcome will be, and whether it will lead to a real change.  We do think that this encouraging start would not have happened without public pressure.

We will press ahead with our petition, and scale up our own campaign.  We already have over 1,000 signatures for the petition, and we’re on course to reach our target of 5,665 signatures before the end of the year.  

We will be completing the delivery of twenty thousand copies of the petition to houses in the district – if you would like to help, please contact us (address below).  We are also arranging street stalls where members of the public can sign the petition. 

The next three stalls will be:

  • Tuesday 6th May outside the ‘Revivals’ shop, 42 St Peter’s Street, Canterbury CT1 2BG
  • Wednesday 7th May outside ‘Sweet Magic’, 115a Mortimer Street, Herne Bay CT6 5EX
  • Thursday 8th May in Whitstable High Street near Barclays Bank.

As well as continuing with the petition, we are calling on the Council to engage actively with the public.  The vote in favour of a Committee system asked the Political Management Member Panel to consider the issue and report back.   We are calling on the Council to run a process which is open, accountable and inclusive, we are keen to work with the PMMP to achieve this, and we will be keeping a close eye on what they do.

Over the coming months we shall also be holding a series of public meetings to explore the problems with local democracy and to identify potential solutions. 

The first of these meetings will be held in Canterbury on Wednesday 25 June at 7.30pm in the Friends Meeting House, and the second in Whitstable on Monday 30 June at 7.45pm in the Umbrella Centre.  All members of the public with concerns about local democracy are encouraged to attend and share their views.

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