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Ramsgate chooses Beauty not Blues

Well, well, well – what is this that I spy on the blue-tinted map that shows who’s got the power in councils across Kent? A rosy red glow has settled over Ramsgate. Going against the electoral tide for the South East, the Ramsgate lefties spread their scarlet stain across the wards, scooping up seat after seat.

Those in the know point to Labour’s pre-election pledge to oppose night flights as being the balance-tipping deal-clincher. Industrious and idle alike, the people of Ramsgate value their beauty sleep, and didn’t want Manston to make them ugly. So they put their kisses next to the Labour names.

This leaves the Conservatives with a dreadful dilemma – they might even be looking forward to the Independents taking the decision out of their hands…

They can stick with Plan A, and allow the Manston Kiwis to fly as many rusting freight crates as they like over sleeping town below, and say goodbye to the dream of ever winning a seat in Ramsgate again. Sleepless and grumpy, the voters won’t give their votes to the very people who made them become ugly.

Or the Conservatives can take the splendid Bureau Veritas report to heart, and accept that the economic gain of night flights at Manston will not in any way match the social and economic pain. This would mean turning down a future night flight application made by their pal Charles Buchanan (recently seen up close and chummy with ruddy ex-Number 2 Latchford).

Back the airport, or back in power? An excruciating choice for the Blue corner.

It remains to be seen whether Mr Buchanan is cute enough to recognise this, and to resist the temptation to submit another night flight application… or will he embarrass his blue friends by asking them to decide soon one way or another?

We watch and wait.

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  1. I voted labour for the first time in my life because they said no to night flights and would do so again. It is no surprise that most of the conservative councillors do not live under the flight path and therefore would not be affected by the night flight noise.

  2. Denis Cannon

    Agreed. I've never voted labour but would do so to stop the night flights.