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QE2 Coastal Park Consultation

This is where you get to have your say about the future of our town’s greatest natural asset – its coastline. Of course, the Downs are part of the newly christened QE2 Coastal Park, and the Council’s Management Plan has a number of proposals relating to the how the Downs would be managed.

Here’s the link to the consultation documents:


The important bits are the plan itself:

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Field, Herne Bay’s Coastal Park Management Plan

and the various action plans:

A welcoming place

Healthy, safe and secure

Landscape management

Improving the fabric of the seafront

Community delivery


Comments on management plan, maps and action plans need to be sent by 30th November 2012 to: rosemary.selling@canterbury.gov.uk

This is also your chance to say what you think should be done about
the Victorian Shelter. And the rest of Herne Bay’s seafront, come to

If you don’t tell them, they’ll never know.

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