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Public meeting: Kitewood development at Hillborough

A public meeting next week will discuss plans to redevelop land between Hillborough and the Altira Business Park. Residents and stakeholders living around the site, which has been earmarked for more than 1,300 homes, are being urged to attend to have their say and learn more about the proposals.

Reculver and Beltinge Community Hall, Reculver Road, hosts the meeting from 7pm next Wednesday, the first of its kind since the scheme was first confirmed in August.

Laura Calder will speak on how people can get their views across as the planning process progresses. The 47-year-old IT business consultant, from Sanderling Road said:

“I want to try and help residents articulate their concems. Should something like this get the go ahead, it needs to be done in the right manner with the local community being consulted on what they want to see.”

The £240 million scheme has been drawn up by Kitewood Estates and would be delivered in three phases. Facilities would also include a primary school, shopping centre and a long-awaited footbridge across the railway at Blacksole Bridge.

The first phase of the development, costing £60m, would build 375 homes and extend Altira Business Park. Work could begin by the end of 2012. The primary school and shopping centre would be built in phase two alongside another 500 homes, while phase three would see the final 500 homes constructed.

Kitewood director Mike Dolan welcomed news of next week’s meeting after a public exhibition at Reculver Primary School last month – www.hillboroughextension.com. He said:

“We’ve put forward our own ideas but if people have their own views, we’re keen to work together on a package that allays some of their fears and moves the development forward in a positive manner.”

HB Gazette 6th Oct 2011

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  1. I completely endorse Laura Calders statement that if this development goes ahead it needs to be done in the right manner with the local community being consulted on what they want to see – It was for this reason that we organised two days of public consultation and received the benefit of constructive feedback from local residents. We have also set up a dedicated website (www.hillboroughextension.com) where local residents and other concerned people can let us have their thoughts and suggestions. In addition to the meeting at Reculver and Beltinge Community Hall I hope that as many people as possible will visit the website and read what is actually proposed rather than rely on the uninformed urban myths that are starting to spread on this topic.