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Protect us from cycling menaces

I am delighted our local police are taking the safety of Canterbury pedestrians seriously. I recently witnessed them stopping illegal cycling in the High Street. Cycling in pedestrian areas causes alarm and danger to the public, and the bylaw to stop it in the High Street is there for good reason. Unfortunately one of the cyclists I saw being stopped seemed really angry. He suggested the police deal with a delivery lorry inching its way through crowds of shoppers instead of him. Whether the van should have been there or not, I do not know. However, on the occasions vehicles do come into the High Street pedestrians can at least hear them and move safely out of the way. They are not upon us before we know it and they do not weave in and out of us at great speed like bikes do. I do hope the police will continue to protect the public in the High Street. Perhaps they will also start to tackle irresponsible cycling in the rest of Canterbury, too.

Paul Hadlow
Belon Drive, Whitstable

Herne Bay Gazette, December 11th 2014