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Prom etiquette

I CAN assure Amanda Collier that dog walkers and pedestrians do not want to scupper anyone’s fun (“The prom is for all,” Your Views, Herne Bay Times, March 11). What we want is to be able to enjoy the prom along with everyone else without needing eyes in the back of our head the whole time. If all cyclists were considerate and rode at a sensible pace, heeding others around them, dog walkers and pedestrians would have no complaints. But sadly this is not the case. On many occasions, I have taken the trouble to make my perfectly well-behaved dogs and wait stile cyclists pass, only for them to weave among us in a provocative manner, or to whizz by without so much as a thank you. I it is the same when I take my daughter to the beach — I constantly have to watch out for speeding bikes and ask her to get out of their way, because they certainly don’t seem to be trying to avoid her. Unfortunately, I can only see this situation worsening it the bylaws are scrapped, and I fear it won’t be too long before someone gets hurt.

Lucy Page
Wrentham Avenue, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010

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