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Poppy tour should stop in our city

The poppy display at the Tower of London
The poppy display at the Tower of London

With reference to Gerry Warren’s article about the Tower of London poppy display touring the country (City Bid To Host Poppy Display, Herne Bay Gazette, November 13), I feel it would be very appropriate for it to come to Canterbury. That is because Canterbury is the mother city and the Cathedral the mother church of the Anglican faith and the centre of Christianity in this country and the world over. The Poppy Appeal organisers in the Canterbury district are a very dedicated and hard-working group. In fact it has been reported that we raise the most for the appeal in the county of Kent. Mr Warren has always been most helpful to us. We have a good relationship with him and the local council. Hoping we can look forward to seeing the display in our wonderful city.

John Marsh, Vice president and poppy organiser, Canterbury branch, Royal British Legion

Herne Bay Gazette, November 20th 2014

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