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Politician packs a real punch

Ed Targett, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary candidate for North Thanet
Ed Targett, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary candidate for North Thanet

A would-be MP will swap Punch and Judy politics for a real life fist fight when he steps into the ring for a charity boxing match. Green Party candidate Ed Targett will be taking on sparring buddy James Mahoney in a three-round bout at the Winter Gardens in Margate. They will both be raising money for ABF The Soldier’s Charity, which helps ex-servicemen and women and their families. Dad-of-two Mr Targett, a former Gazette journalist, said:

“I train at the same class as James and we are mates. I train when I can manage to get some time out from my work and looking after my children. It will be a no holds barred contest. I’ve done a few of these fights before. What I like is that afterwards you shake hands and can go for a drink and watch the rest of the action. That is of course if you’re still standing. It is raising money for a good cause and I’ve been very impressed with the charity and the work they do. I first came across them when I was working as a local journalist in Herne Bay. I’ve set a fairly humble fundraising target, which I will be raising for jointly with James. It would be good to get a bit more money.”

Ed Targett in action. He is on the right
Ed Targett in action. He is on the right

Mr Targett says the contest against scaffolder and former squaddie Mr Mahoney will be for the South Eastern Novice Belt. The pair will compete in the super middleweight category for boxers who weigh in at 75kg. But Mr Targett, who currently works as an editor in London, says he does not harbour ambitions to be a heavyweight in the political world. He said:

“I’m hardly a heavy hitter on the political scene, but I hope to fight hard in the election here in North Thanet. I’ve stood for a seat on Thanet District Council and I want to talk about local issues and services which I think local people will agree are mismanaged. My kids are at schools in the area, so I don’t want to stand in any other place than where I live.”

The bout will take place at Margate Winter Gardens on Saturday, March 21. To fmd out more or to donate to the charity visit www.justgiving.com/TargettvsMahoney.

Herne Bay Gazette, March 19th 2015

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