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Plans to celebrate artist Duchamp

Artist Marcel Duchamp wrote “I am not dead, I am staying in Herne Bay” during a visit to the town 100 years ago this year.

To mark the centenary, Sue Austen and Jason Hollingsworth, who
run Bayguide.co.uk, are planning a three-week, town-wide celebration. It would feature exhibitions, a film festival and history walks
and the pair are hoping people will get in touch to lend items they
could use. Mr Hollingsworth said:

“We want to see this event marked in a variety of different ways. The town’s reputation as an artistic centre is growing, along
with that of the whole north Kent coast, and as part of this movement a
Duchamp celebration would be a fantastic way to promote our vibrant
town, during its busiest summer months. We think this will not only attract local attention but also
draw visitors from the rest of Kent, London and the South East as well
as giving our town great positive publicity to rival that of our

They are appealing for articles, memorabilia, images and
especially postcards sent from Herne Bay and post-marked 1913 to borrow
for the festival. Artists are also invited to get involved by submitting a piece to an exhibition called “I am not dead, I am in Herne Bay”.

Duchamp was in Herne Bay for August and part of September 1913
while his sister Yvonne studied English at Lynton College in Downs Park.
That year is said to be a turning point in his work.

For more information about the planned Duchamp celebration, visit www.iamnotdead.co.uk or e-mail jason@bayguide.co.uk

HB Times 4th Jan 2013

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