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Planning Cockup

CCC’s slapdash use of their own website has limited our opportunity to comment on a couple of major local issues.

When it comes to advertising any planning applications in the district, our Council is only obliged to put public notices near the site in question, and in a local paper. They use Kent on Sunday, so that must be OK, because everyone in Herne Bay reads Kent on Sunday. Right?

The Council does have a section on its website dedicated to publishing Public Notices such as planning applications. However, they didn’t publish any of December’s planning applications on their website (in the Public Notices section) until 20th December.

So, what did we miss out on during this period of cyber-silence? The Altira Sainsbury application, and the mini golf on the Pier application. The closing date for comments on the mini golf on the Pier application is Monday 14th January, so if you’ve got something to say, say it soon.

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