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Planes were noisier and closer in past

IN REPLY to the letter from Myra Jones (May 28, Your Views), one must assume that this lady is well in excess of 100 years old! Manston was established just after the First World War in 1915-16 and has been operational since then until now. Air traffic in the past has been much heavier than in recent years. I am 67 years old, born and bred in Herne Bay, and recall the days during the 50s and 60s when Herne Bay was a very thriving seaside town with aircraft from the USAF and RAF frequently passing overhead as they did their “circuit and bumps” training and sometimes only a few hundred feet above ground. Commercial traffic was also operational during these times. How many times have we witnessed aircraft having to circle to use up excess fuel prior to doing an emergency landing, because Manston has a runway capable of handling the largest planes?

As for the build-up of aviation fumes in her walled courtyard! This from planes flying overhead at some 2.000 to 3,000 feet? Not the few hundred feet that we used to experience! One can only assume Ms Jones has her own personal air quality monitoring system and that the aircraft must be targeting her courtyard as a fuel dumping ground. This is the first time that I have ever heard such twaddle. Also does she have no concern for the loss of 150 or so jobs at Manston, not to mention the loss of work and contracts to the many supporting businpsses throughout east Kent. Although now retired, as a taxi driver I made frequent journeys to and from Manston. With all of Ann Gloag’s wealth, and the promise of giving most of her money to charitable organisations, giving back Manston to the people of Thanet and East Kent as a whole would represent less than two per cent of her personal wealth. Not to mention the billions in her business portfolios!

Graham Kemp
by e-mail

Herne Bay Times, June 11th 2014

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