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Pier Trust Chair puts her case

Doreen Stone (co-Chair of the HBPT) posted this on the “official” Pier Trust Facebook site, in response to Graham Cooper’s letter.

Hello members and friends,

I am responding to Graham’s post I understand from the HB Times that rebuild were contacted by Liz. The facts and figures were extracted without doctoring or special selection to make a point. the basic facts that we would have to pay to walk on our pier, that all the attractions can be there without a marina tacked on and that the car park essential for the marina with its 2 lane road would spoil it for everyone else are clear for everyone to see.

My optimism in November was proved wrong – since then the rebuild group have contacted the press, met Sir Roger Gale, sent articles and statements that none of the trustees have seen to numerous magazines without any checking with the Trust. They have become a pressure group to push forwards the views they have held before they resigned as trustees over a year ago.

It has now come to my notice that a draft of the 2011 Gifford report, a much more detailed and intensive report, which neither the then chairman or most of the trustees ever saw is very clear that a marina at the pier head was not its recommended option. Gifford recommended a marina much nearer shore with 8hr access. It also pointed out that as the windfarms had invested so much money in Ramsgate facilities that probably only 1 or 2 O&M vessels at most would use Herne Bay as a base.

If those who are supporting a marina at the end of the pier take over the Trust our chances of building a long pier for the people of Herne Bay will be squashed. all the trustees are working many hours a week because we are committed to a long pier but we believe it should be the type of pier the people of HB also want. We are going to open out the debate to all the creative people in HB to come together in an exhibition of their concepts and designs for everyone in the town to view and choose preferences.

Incidentally, I sent the rebuild group our list of reservations the week before the press release was written and before we wrote the letter to members. Liz on the Times will conform that after Jason phoned me I told her I would hold back for a week. However, the time has come for more than the usual vocal minority to have their say.

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