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Pier project

I can in no way take issue with GB Grundon’s remarks, made as a marine civil engineer, on the proposals for a pier marina. However, I do believe, having been professionally engaged in tourism for some 45 years, to be qualified to give a different view to him that Herne Bay should push for a new pier. By implication he suggests that it should be of a similar length to that which was lost in the 1970s. Has he any realistic idea how much this would cost? Many millions I would guess. Where is the funding going to come from? Recreating the second longest pier in itself regardless what may be put on it, will not be enough to bring to Herne Bay, all the year round, in all weathers, the very necessary tourists to give it any chance of being economically viable. Oh yes, one small point, where are they all expected to park? I believe the Pier Trust has got the right idea in concentrating its efforts in developing and expanding the facilities on what was left of the old pier, rather than wasting its efforts in trying to reach the unattainable.

Bill Burnett
Haven Drive, Bishopstorie, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, December 18th 2014

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