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Peace comes at a high price for area

IN REPLY to Myra Jones comments (Peace comes to Herne Bay at last, Your views, May 28), how selfish an attitude she has, not sparing a thought for the poor people who have lost their jobs, let alone the impact it will have on many businesses that have built up over the years in Thanet, a much-deprived area. Keeping Manston open would have brought much-needed tourism to Thanet and surrounding areas and encouraged many more people to invest in this area. It is pleasing to see the regeneration of Margate and the forthcoming reopening of Dreamland next spring, something for us all to enjoys. Except, of course, Myra Jones, who would prefer to spend her time in her peaceful courtyard garden!

M Bettes,
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, June 25th 2014

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