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Parking Consultation

It’s good to know that people are taking the trouble to respond to the Council’s Parking Consultation…. here’s a good one:

First of all WE (Herne Bay) are not Canterbury, so why match
our tariffs? Sooner you realise this the better it will be for Herne Bay.

1 – We don’t have the same facilities as Canterbury

2 – We don’t have the same variety of shops as Canterbury

3 – We don’t have the same footfall as Canterbury

4 – We don’t have the same customers as Canterbury

5 – We don’t have the same transport facilities as Canterbury

And most importantly

6 – The council don’t spend as much on Herne Bay
as Canterbury for the redevelopments and shopping experiences, such as the
Christmas lights! Out of the supposed £53,000 what did Herne Bay get? I know
for a fact that it wasn’t an equal share, so why should we equal the
price of Canterbury for anything!  (Business Rates, Parking or anything else!)

It was only 2012 when you raised the price to park for the
day in Herne Bay from £1.10 to £2.50! That’s a MASSIVE 145% rise, and now
you want to raise it further 20% on top!!!!!!!

As a business owner in Herne Bay we have seen a fall in
trade since the rise in parking charges, as people bypass us and head to
Westwood cross.

Are you actively
trying to kill the town?!? People and traders would say you are!

This raise in parking will make trade even harder than it
already is. It’s time for the council to stop being greedy and help the
towns or we will all end up like Margate town centre, and then you won’t
get any money for parking as no one will come to Herne Bay. It the same example
as doubling prices you take double the money! This is NOT the case, if we all
raised our prices by 145% at the beginning of 2012, and then put another 20% on
top now we would be out of business, not rolling in the money! Why can’t
you people work that out with the parking!!!!!

However, these emails are probably ignored and you do as you
wish anyway, but if the parking prices are put up to be in line with Canterbury
then we should have everything as equal. ALL, and I mean ALL budgets for
everything should be shared 33% each to Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury.
Now if you think the parking is a fair increase due to the Canterbury prices,
then it’s only fair we get 33% of all money available.

I would like a response to this email, to make sure that our
point has been heard!


Daniel Peters and John Potts (The Studio, Mortimer Street)

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  1. could not agree more – well said – bet you don’t get a reply from the council though.