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Paper driving licence scrapped by DVLA: 7 things motorists need…

The paper driving licence will be scrapped

The paper driving licence will be scrapped

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The DVLA is to phase out the paper part of the driving licence in a matter of months as the government continues its digitally focused push.

Motorists currently keep two parts of their licence, the plastic ID card, and the paper counterpart used to record endorsements and penalty points.

But the latter part will go the way of the tax disc, which saw its own paper version consigned to the recycling bin of history last year.

So, what do drivers need to know?

1. The paper counterpart will no longer be valid from June 8 and should be destroyed from this date

2. Penalty points will now be stored on an online database and can be checked by logging on, or contacting the DVLA

3. Drivers caught speeding or charged with an offence will still be sent a fixed penalty notice or a court summons

4. Paper licences issued before the electronic photocard was introduced will remain valid and should be kept

5. You can check all the necessary details on your licence, again including penalty points, by checking via the DVLA website

6. Employers who need quick access to somebody’s driving record will be able to do so by June, with the consent of the licence holder

7. The photocard part of the licence was introduced in 1998, and is renewed every ten years

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