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Over 2,000 airport jobs if Manston gets night flights – isn’t that great?

It would be if it were true. However, their promises rely on everything in Manston’s Master Plan coming good.

The Master Plan relies on a lot of other things happening, but doesn’t mention the need for scheduled night flights.

These 2,000 promised jobs won’t be created by scheduled night flights.

Infratil has never said how many jobs would be created just by the introduction of night flights.

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  1. John Whitaker

    I would like to make some comments regarding the proposed nightflight plans. Firstly why do they have to fly at night? Its not as if the sky is totally choca with aircraft during the day. I actually had the misfortune (I'm sure other people did as well?) to hear an aircraft land at roughly 3am at Manston a couple of months ago and to say it woke me up is an understatement! If we allow this madcap idea take off 'excuse the pun' then there will not be many people left in Thanet due to the sleep deprivation so there will be plenty of jobs going, mostly driving coaches out.OUR council who we elect and overpay have a duty to US to listen and take note, we do not want the handful of jobs which will probably be minimum wage, unsociable hours and make you a social outcast. We should ALL be balloted once and for all and put an end to this lunacy…Thanet council please take note!

  2. If the council allow this it will decimate Ramsgate – no one will move to the area which will become Hounslow on Sea. The council in this area has an appalling reputation anyway & it is quite clear that they are in bed with The China Gateway! Maybe personally!!Bob Bayford has no idea how this will affect the area – I will personally make sure that he is named in the national press & will ensure that if there is and has been any skullduggery it will be brought to light. He is a common little bearded oik that needs to be reigned in.