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Our main consultation response

Dear All,

First and foremost, a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone of you who took part in the RSP consultation, and an extra thank you to the hundreds (literally) of you who sent copies of your submissions to No Night Flights.

Over the last few weeks, the No Night Flights gang have also been working their little socks off, producing some absolutely top-notch responses to the nonsense in RSP’s humungous proposal. For your pleasure and delight, here’s NNF’s main submission to RSP’s latest dreadful consultation. This is the first of a suite of reports we’ve produced, and is an overview of the awfulness and inadequacy of RSP’s plans – the rest of our reports target and demolish specific elements within RSP’s plans. Enjoy.


Download (PDF, 3.13MB)

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  1. A very large THANKYOU 😀 to the people responsible for the DCO response it was/is a fantastic piece of work and fully demolishes the case and presentation put up by RSP.
    Well done and hopefully this may finally put the case for a freight hub at Maston to an end, I doubt it will however until the government and the Secretary of State decide a firm NO.
    Good luck.

  2. linda charlesworth

    Thank you so much NNF- and absolutely fantastic report in such a short time frame.
    I know how hard you work and how much time and effort this has taken on our behalf.
    I sincerely hope we are successful to enable our beautiful area to be saved from the disaster of River Oak.

    Best Wishes and Good luck to us all

  3. we do not want night flying at mans ton if this goes ahead it will surely disrupt the tourist trade in the area apart from the pollution and noise say no to night flying lets hope they do not get permission for this . thumbs down say goodbye to Herne Bay. as a holiday resort.