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Other issues are on parliament agenda

MUST we accept the stale and discredited pro-hunt argument that “fox hunting is a legitimate way of pest control”? This and similar pretexts have been carried on every Boxing Day for decades. In practice, subjecting a wild animal that takes a tiny percentage of lambs each year to a severe ordeal and excruciatingly cruel death makes little difference. The participation remained at the same level after the hunting act was passed. Herne Bay’s MP Sir Roger Gale (a Conservative) is definitely not an ignorant townie where foxes and farming are concerned. He grew up in a farming comniunity and has found his farming constituents living in harmony with the local wildlife and well able to accurately shoot dead any fox that does harm livestock – in an area without a fox hunt. Boxing Day meets may attract a spectacular turnout, persuaded to attend by the pro hunt interests, but eight out of 10 members of the public want the ban on live animal hunting to remain in force. Have we time for repeating it when large areas of Kent are devastated by storms and flooding and there are other rreuch higher priorities on Parliament’s agenda?

Katherine Watson, Cheshire

Herne Bay Times, January 9th 2014

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