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Oh. There goes another one.

28th October 2011 at 23:30 over Herne Bay

A noisy cargo plane, which Manston’s complaints department will undoubtedly tell me is a late arrival.

I learn from Twitter it was N383WA, a World Cargo Airways McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

As well as being one of the noisier planes to use Manston, the MD-11 is an incomprehensibly badly designed plane with a startlingly poor accident and safety record.

Visit www.airlinesafety.com for full details. I warn you, this is not for the faint-hearted.

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  1. I expect it was this that woke me at 2.20am taking off then !! Heard engines running and revving up before it took off towards Herne Bay.That was it for me as I never did get back to sleep (never do once woken).According to Radio Kent this morning they want 8 flights a night – having lived here all my life with all my family here, life for me would be impossible in Ramsgate if this happens, but I'll never be able to move as my house is right under the flight path at Nethercourt and would not sell.

  2. Bog standard reply received from the airport confirming flight was as follows:28.10.11 Departure 0223 MD11 QC2

  3. Jan Shepherd

    This flight woke me too in Herne Bay. Eight a night? I think not.

  4. The same flight shocked my husband who is a bit deaf . What would it be like on a warm night with windows open?

  5. Paula Herne Bay

    That's twice this week I've been woken during the night, and I have double-glazing. There won't be any point in going to bed at all soon

  6. J & R Robinson

    At 11.30 p.m. on the 27th October we were disturbed by the approach of a large noisy cargo plane flying over Beltinge. This noise with all windows shut and full double-glazing is quite unacceptable. If this were to be repeated several times a night life would become unbearable.Biggin Hill has seen the light and has not only cancelled any hope of night flights but also is not going to operate day passenger flights. Perhaps Manston and the Thanet council should follow in the steps of another very succesfull Battle of Britian airport and consider the discomfort to local people.

  7. Sue. Hillborough

    I too have been woken twice this week by these noisy cargo planes. I have e.mailed Manston and got the standard apology and also e.mailed Roger Gale.

  8. craig under the flight path

    Yes, email Roger Gale. Then he might stop thinking that I am the only one who won't vote for him next time. You never know, he might change his mind again. No night flights, yes night flights, no night flights…

  9. Hi, I was watching a programme on TV last Wednesday morning called Daybreak – they were doing a survey on sleep deprivation. Doctors found if your sleep patern was disturbed then your thought time would be 4 seconds slower than someone who had a good nights sleep, they said that the sleep-disturbed person would be the same as a drunk driver. I think TDC should consider their options very carefully.

  10. Sky at Night

    http://planefinder.net/ Does anyone know if this only shows passenger flight?

  11. Yet another B—-take off, northish direction at Monday morning 01.05 am, over the village., Have asked TDC to report