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Oh dear. He just doesn’t get it, does he?

  • Step 1 – put your fingers in your ears, to block out the voice of reason.
  • Step 2 – shut your eyes tightly, to avoid seeing the evidence.
  • Step 3 – close your mind to the facts.
  • Step 4 – keep shouting “The Westgate trial is a success”, in the hope you’ll be believed.
  • Congratulations – you’re councillor material.

Canterbury’s Westgate Towers traffic ban ‘should continue’

A scheme to ban traffic
passing through Canterbury’s Westgate Towers should be kept in place
while evaluations are carried out, the city’s council says.

Peter Vickery-Jones, responsible for transport on Canterbury
City Council, said traffic pollution had been reduced during the
year-long trial.

The ban on vehicles passing under the gateway came into effect in March 2012. About 4,000 people signed a petition calling for the scheme to be scrapped. Opponents said the changes to traffic flows caused congestion and were a danger to pedestrians.

Mr Vickery-Jones said:

“We have displaced traffic, there’s no question of that. We have reduced the amount of traffic in the St Dunstan’s area by 15%. That’s had the effect of reducing the air quality management
systems in St Peter’s Place, Pound Lane, North Lane and Lower St
Dunstan’s [Street] to an acceptable level.”

He said the scheme had evened out pollution levels across the city.

“For us to revisit the pollution back on those people who
live in those areas would be a bad mistake until we’ve had an
opportunity to look at the figures.”

In a statement, Kent County Council said:

“Finding a solution to Canterbury’s traffic problems is a significant challenge. The Westgate Towers scheme will be removed at the end of the
trial period next month, and there will then be a thorough review.”

BBC 25th Feb 2013

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