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Official: Manston to close next week

Following yesterday’s rejection of the American bid, Manston’s management summoned their workers this morning to tell them that Manston will be closing on Thursday 15th May.

Here’s their official statement (once again courtesy of the BBC’s Mark Norman).

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One comment

  1. Dave Britton

    I think the writing was on the wall the moment she bought it, just look at 720 acres of prime real estate only one hour from London, perhaps now they will build the railway station next to the terminal for all the commuters to have a short journey to their new houses, and of course with Pfizer buying Astra-Zeneca they will be employing thousand more at the Sandwich plant who will all need new housesThen Stagecoach will be involved in busing all those employees to the plant.Does that make me sound like a TDC councilor or perhaps Roger Gale ?