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Not democratic

In our democratic society, one of the few ways left open to us to protest against government policies is to demonstrate, to march, to carry posters and distribute flyers. This is not supposed to be a dictatorial society in which the police “gatecrash” on students preparing posters for a demonstration (“Police crash uni meeting”. Times. December 2).

The report made me wonder if the police are now checking on all student Facebook sites as the student interviewed stated that the meeting to prepare posters for their forthcoming march had only been “publicised” on Facebook.

How do they get the Facebook addresses? And having invaded, do the police then have the right to demand names? Chief Inspector Barlow said:

Community support officers attended the student meeting to make contact with the organisers.

How did the chief inspector find out about the meeting? Why did he not ask to meet the student organisers with the Student Union?

Marika Sherwood
Herne Bay Times, 9th Dec 2010

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