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No excuses at all for the mud on this road

THROUGH your paper I would like to complain about the mud on the road from the works in Owls Hatch Road near Herne Bay. As a former site manager who has worked all over the country and have experience in putting in service roads, they have to be put in properly if not the mud will work its way through up to the top of the service road. If vehicles, plant, machinery go off the service road onto the field then back on to it they will then drag mud onto the service road, which the lorries then take out on to the public highway. We had to install expensive lorry tyre washes to help stop this. I have seen muddy lorry tracks up to Herne Bay High School. I used this road four times a day seven days a week and have had clods of mud actually hit the underside of my car and I have to put it through the car wash every three or four days. Whoever is looking into this problem, that is, Canterbury Council or Kent County Council, they want to get down there and sort out this problem out, it’s not rocket science.

Trevor Angier
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2015

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