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No ‘divine right’ for motorists

CAR owners were warned they have no “divine right” to park near their homes as councillors considered extra yellow lines in Whitstable. Residents in Suffolk Street asked for double yellow lines after fears that emergency services would not be able to get through. But at a meeting of the joint transportation board, a panel of Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council, councillors heard the proposal had led to objections from other residents. County councillor Mike Harrison said:

“There are huge, huge problems with parking in Suffolk Street, Norfolk Street, Essex Street and beyond. I am never convinced our fire crews will get through if there is a threat to life. We really can’t afford to lose any parking bays in the town. It is an absolute nightmare as it is.”

City councillor Pat Todd said there had not been enough parking in Whitstable “since the motor car was introduced”. But Lib Dem Nick Eden-Green said action was still needed, adding:

“I know there is a problem. Residents are going to have to find somewhere else to park. They do not have a divine right to park on the street.”

But the panel voted not to go ahead with the lines.

Herne Bay Times, February 27th 2014

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