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1988-10 Section 52 – PLANNING PERMISSION for passenger terminal (TDC)

2000-09 S106 (TDC) +

2004-01 Social and economic IMPACT OF AIRPORTS in Europe (York Aviation)

2004-10 CRICHEL DOWN Rules (ODPM)

2005-01 LEGAL OPINION on Manston Night Flights (Toby Davey)

2005-04 Response to NIGHT FLIGHTS and S106 (CPRE)

2005-04 S106 Agreement reviewed (Alan Stratford & Assocs)

2005-04 S106 Consultation results (MORI)

2005-04 S106 Consultation results GRAPHED (MORI)

2005-06 PROPOSED S106 agreement between TDC and KIA (MAG)

2005-06 S106 Consultation reply (CCC)

2005-06 S106 Consultation results, inc. HB comments (TDC)

2005-06 S106 Objections (MONKTON Parish Council)

2007-08 Manston RUNWAY MAP (CAA)


2008-01 Policy POSITION STATEMENT on Aviation (CPRE)

2008-11 Manston FLIGHT PATHS etc (CAA)

2008-11 Planning Act 2008

2009-01 Dependent on the Dark – CARGO in Europe (EuroControl)

2009-04 Night Flights Policy CRITERIA (TDC AWP)

2009-05 Air Freight End-to-end Journey (DoT)


2009-11 KIA Master Plan Final (Infratil)

2010-09 BICKERDIKE ALLEN Partners report (BAP) +

2010-09 Guide to USING FOI in campaigning (NCVO)

2010-10 GALE’S VIEW – Manston Airport (Gale)

2010-10 Killer facts

2010-10 LAND REGISTRY entry for K803975 Manston Airport (LR)

2010-10 Manston Airport Night Noise INM Assumptions (BAP)

2010-10 NIGHT FLIGHT PROPOSAL to TDC (Infratil)

2010-10 Night Noise Assessment (BAP)

2010-10 Noise (BAP)

2010-10 Noise App B (BAP)

2010-10 Roger Gale AGAINST Night Flights (Gale)

2010-11 RESPONSE to Night Flights Proposal (NNF)

2010-12 Glossary (Bureau Veritas)

2010-12 GROWTH Without Gridlock – Executive Summary (KCC)

2010-12 GROWTH Without Gridlock – Full Document (KCC)

2010-12 Manston Night Noise Review (BUREAU VERITAS) +

2010-12 Night Noise Control at UK Airports (Bureau Veritas)

2011-01 Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Heathrow NIGHT FLIGHTS BAN (HACAN)

2011-02 One pager

2011-05 YORK AVIATION report summary for Councillors (Infratil)

2011-07 LEGAL ADVICE to TDC (Bevan Brittan)

2011-08 Economic IMPACT of Night Flying Policy (York Aviation)

2011-10 Night Flight Policy PROPOSAL (Infratil)

2011-11 CHATHAM HOUSE Flyer (NNF)

2011-11 Proposals for THAMES AIRPORTS 1945-2011 (HoC Library)

2011-12 Aviation Policy ENVIRONMENT (CAA)

2012-01 Aviation Policy FUTURE (CAA)

2012-02 To TDC on INTENSIFICATION of Night Flight (Richard BUXTON)


2012-03 Night Flights Consultation responses (CCC)

2012-03 Night flights report to Council (CCC)

2012-03 Response to Night Flights PROPOSAL (CPRE)

2012-05 Bold Steps for AVIATION (KCC)

2012-05 Draft RESPONSE to Night Flights Proposal (TDC)

2012-05 Hotel Manston (BTF)

2012-12 Aviation Policy for the CONSUMER (CAA)

2012-12 VALIDATION of proposed night-flying policy – TEXT (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

2012-12 VALIDATION of proposed night-flying policy (PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF)

2013-02 The role of Manston in REGENERATING Thanet (TDC AWP)

2013-04 Economic VALUE of International Connectivity (Oxford Economics & York Aviation)

2013-09 Planning Act 2008 – Guidance related to CPO PROCEDURES

2014-05 Trying to BUY MANSTON from Gloag (RiverOak)

2014-06 BRIEF to Falcon (TDC)

2014-07 Opinion on VIABILITY of Manston Airport (FALCON Consultancy)

2014-07 Submission to DAVIES COMMISSION (RiverOak)

2014-08 Submission to DAVIES COMMISSION re RiverOak submission (NNF-MP)

2014-10 DUE DILIGENCE emails (RiverOak)

2014-10 SNOTTY Letter from Beau to Cartner & Musgrave (SMA)

2014-10 Submission to Transport SELECT COMMITTEE (NNF)

2014-11 Economic BENEFITS from Air Transport in the UK (Oxford Economics)

2015-01 Implications of Different AIRPORT CAPACITY Options (York Aviation)

2015-02 Cartner & Musgrave LIBELLED (SMA)

2015-02 Submission to Transport SELECT COMMITTEE (NNF)

2015-03 KLM’s performance at Manston (NNF)

2015-03 POSITION STATEMENT on Manston Airport (KCC)

2015-03 Response to KCC Position Statement (NNF)

2015-03 Secretary of State vs Permanent Secrectary

2015-03 The IMAGINARY FRIENDS Project

2015-03 Transport SELECT COMMITTEE Report (HoC)

2015-05 Aircraft noise effects on HEALTH (Davies Commission)

2015-06 CHANGE OF USE Applications submission (NNF)

2015-06 Review of CPO INDEMNITY PROCESS for Manston Airport (PwC)

2015-07 Final Report (DAVIES COMMISSION) +

2015-07 Freudmann CV (NNF)

2015-08 To Madeline Homer re RIVEROAK’S STANDING (NNF)

2015-09 Impacts of a NEW HUB AIRPORT on the air freight industry (Oxford Economics)

2015-10 Gale’s own words

2015-10 Gale-Freudmann relationship (NNF)

2015-10 To TDC promoting RiverOak for CPO (Wragges)

2016-01 Planning Inspectorate, RO, BDB Manston Airport Inception Meeting

2016-02 Planning Inspectorate, RO Manston Airport Project Meeting

2016-04 Planning Inspectorate, RO (calling in) Manston Airport Meeting

2016-06 Consultant BRIEF – Viability of Manston Airport (TDC)

2016-06 Planning Inspectorate, RO, TDC Manston Airport Inception Meeting

2016-06 SCOPING REPORT, and Appendices A and B (RiverOak) +

2016-08 Opinion of RiverOak’s SCOPING REPORT (Planning Inspectorate)

2016-08 Planning Inspectorate, RO Project Update Meeting Note

2016-08 Report on RiverOak PRE-CONSULTATION events in July 2016 (NNF)

2016-08 Report on RiverOak’s pre-consultation events July 2016 (NNF)

2016-09 Manston VIABILITY report (Avia)

Appendix C p02 Site Location and Study Areas

Appendix C p03 Site Plan

Appendix C p04 Existing Site Infastructure

Appendix C p05 Zoning Plan

Appendix C p06 Proposed Layout General Arrangement Overall Plan

Appendix C p07 Proposed Layout General Arrangement Cargo Area

Appendix C p08 Proposed Layout General Arrangement Passenger Area

Appendix C p09 Proposed Highway Improvements

Appendix C p10 Proposed Contours

Appendix C p11 Outline Drainage Layout

Appendix C p12 Cumulative Effects Assessment – Other Developments

Appendix C p13 Designated Sites of Nature Conservation Importance

Appendix C p14 Designated Sites of Historic Environment Importance

Appendix C p15 Site Location and 5km Study Area

Appendix C p16 Local Landscape Character Areas

Appendix C p17 Long Distance Walking and Cycling Routes

Background & Research +

FoIA gleanings

Law +

Letters of Note +

Maps and Charts +

Misc. +

NNF reports and handouts +

Noise Maps

Planning Inspectorate +

SHP 2016

SHP: Alland Grange Lane Roundabout

SHP: AND Certificate B

SHP: Cliffsend Roundabout

SHP: Design and Access Statement

SHP: Development Specification

SHP: Drawings for Information

SHP: Energy and Sustainability Statement

SHP: Environmental Statement Non-technical Summary

SHP: Environmental Statement Volume 1

SHP: Environmental Statements

SHP: Flood Risk Assessment

SHP: Framework Travel Plan

SHP: Illustrative Masterplan

SHP: Initial s106 Heads of Terms and Viability Assessment

SHP: New Priority Junction With Manston Road

SHP: Notice Schedule

SHP: Outline Business Case

SHP: Outline Construction Environmental Plan

SHP: Outline Phasing and Delivery Strategy

SHP: Parameter Plans

SHP: Phase 1 Employment Access

SHP: Phase 1 Employment Access Temporary Tie in to Existing Layout

SHP: Phase 1 Industrial Scheme Site Layout

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 1 Floor Plans and Elevations

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 1 Roof Plan and Section

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 2 Floor Plans and Elevations

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 2 Roof Plan and Section

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 3 Floor Plans and Elevations

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 3 Roof Plan and Section

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 4 Floor Plans and Elevations

SHP: Phase 1 Unit 4 Roof Plan and Section

SHP: Planning Application Summary

SHP: Planning Statement

SHP: Proposed Vehicular Access Points

SHP: PSA Economic Need

SHP: PSA Housing Need

SHP: PSA Loss of Existing Use Position Statement

SHP: PSA Retail Assessment

SHP: Soft Works Plan

SHP: Spitfire Corner Roundabout

SHP: Spitfire Way Priority Junction With Ghost Island

SHP: Statement of Community Involvement

SHP: Transport Assessment

SHP: Utilities Strategy

SHP: Waste Management Strategy

Wiggins’ routes and legend

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