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Night Flight proposals to be outlined on Radio Kent 28th October 11am

Charles Buchanan will be giving the Night Flights new proposal to TDC Friday 28th October (as if they haven’t had it for a while already!) and will be announcing the highlights on BBC Radio Kent – 96.7FM and 104.2FM and DAB.

BBC Radio Kent are having a “travel day” special on 28th October, and will be devoting 11am – 12 noon to Manston Airport. It will start with Buchanan talking through the highlights of the new proposals. I will be locked in a Radio Kent broom cupboard in Broadstairs with a mike and headphones, and being asked to comment on the proposals.

It appears that the proposals equate to an AVERAGE of 1.8 flights a night between 11:30pm and 6:00am.

If any of you have any experience of, or handy tips for, doing radio interviews, do let me know. Similarly, any sound bites (or good jokes) would be welcome.

It comes as no surprise to me that Charles Buchanan did NOT choose to announce these proposals at last week’s KIACC meeting.

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  1. I will be most interested to see what the .8 flight looks like. A most unstable aicraft I would imagine.Since they would already seem to be running 1.8 flights during the night, (unofficially of course) I can only assume the number of flights will increase to 3.6!? Also, will these flights incoming or outgoing or is that 1.8 each way, which again becomes 3.6.In the event that night flights are authorised, I only hope the council and Infratil, will pay to have my property, (along with others under or near the flight path) properly insulated and sound proofed. An increase in ill health, is a distinct possibility, putting a greater strain on an already over loaded Health Service. Perhaps they will foot the bill for that as well.If this whole exercise was not so pathetic, it would be laughable.Then again, you couldn't make it up. The mentality of those in charge, never ceases to amaze me. So much for 'call me Dave's big society', where we were told that councils and others would be held responsible and answerable to the local voters, for their actions.Who is to blame? WE are for voting them into office.I was once told, show me a politician, I will show you a liar. Over the years it is amazing how true, thia statement has proved to be…

  2. You ask for tips for radio interviews: Try to find out in advance how long the interview will be and what questions you will be asked.Take deep breaths before the interview.Try not to be led by the interviewer. Answer the questions you want to be asked, rather than the questions that are actually asked, so that you get across the main point that you want to in the short time that you have. Have entertaining sound bites to offer but try not to let that detract from the seriousness of the issue. Sound reasonable but get your point across. Final tip: Get them to interview Susan Kennedy (who spoke at the meeting)!

  3. Andrew T. Kiln

    Nothing more than rigging what is already accepted by those rubbing their hands with glee at the amount of money they will make or already stuffed in their pockets. It seems no matter what your team do or say money talks especially backhanders and as we have aleady seen in London with the big boys fiddles will always go unchecked. I just hope one flight doesn't come down thru' bad light or poor management.

  4. Den Ramsgate

    The world Health Organisation has been associated with Hypertension (cause of strokes and heart problems) and living near airports for the best part of 40 years…outcomes are always depressing readings. Night Flights equal poor sleep equal sleep deprivation (I'm sure we have heard that the Geneva convention considers sleep deprivation a form of torture and illegal interogation technique).For years it has been illegal to sound your car horn between 11pm and 7am… what do they know that Infratil's 'experts' don't?? Are we going to accept what is, at best a wild gamble? The proposed increase to 1.8 flights (average??) will DEFINITELY put existing customers off staying in Ramsgate hotels/guest houses etc. Gone will be our peaceful seaside town. Then… if the thousands of jobs fail to materialise we are left with less than we had before and a poorer environment. Except for Infratel shareholders and 'their friends' who will have lined their grubby pockets at the expense of our quality of life.IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT MONEY, WE GOTTA LIVE ON THIS PLANET TOO.When on the radio keep repeating that NO NIGHT FLIGHTS AT ALL other than humanitarian… IS A DECENT PERSON'S OPTION. Tell them to take their night flights to another airport. Good Luck mate.

  5. TDC are under UK law. TDC must exercise this in the decision making processes of which the Leader of TDC should know, as I have discussed it with his internal airport supporters club. The Common Law issue has I believe already crystallised under TDC's 'Duty of Care' in its admitted failures in the AWP paper.Your Honour I move that the Night Flights application is struck out!!!!!!

  6. Maurice Byford

    The real key to this is to be calm and confident and try to make his claims seem impossible and make believe, which they are.The attraction to Manston are the grand plans but he has no evidence to support his claims or his figures. The consultation document that supports his plans is spurious and full of inaccuracies and suppositions. AT best the plan is aspirational in truth it is sheer nonsense.Also don't forget he will be reading these comments and be prepared – so be more prepared with real figures – I will send you a thought by email.

  7. How many other airports near London Have night flights? You will have found out by now which party agrees with night flights, the answer to that is don't vote them in again !! Take responsibility for your own actions.

  8. Wellington Clam

    "Equo ne credite, Teucri! Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentis."

  9. So…it's 8 flights a night then.

  10. Maurice Byford

    What a stitch up!

  11. It beggars belief that TDC thinks it can allow the introduction of night-flights without a formal planning application. This whole debacle is ripe for Judicial Review. It will be interesting to see if any Councllors have the sense to ask whether the Council has taken legal advice on this point and, if so, what that advice says. I can hardly believe they would go ahead and try to authorise something if the advice received told them that a challenge would be likely to succeed.

  12. Bill Posters

    When you have a chief executive who lives in maidstone, and other directors and senior officers who do not live in Thanet, why do you expect them to look after the interests of those who live in thanet.As far as the elected councillors go it is a further extension of China gate. ??

  13. Bill Posters I will raise your China Gate for an EKO and a Tesco Bag?I could also rely on a rigged airport consultation but I am much too transparent for that..aaaaarg.

  14. The equalizer

    I now understand what the Arab spring was about… Equality.For too long now dictators, politicians and ego-maniacs have had their way… not no more in the Arab states only here in Europe. Time and time again we have been promised referendums, more social input and the likes (just to get in power) and what do we get? SFA.I and the rest I'm sure, are totally pissed off with the elected making decisions that are clearly insane and based on their greed for monetary and political gains,'stuff the electorate cos they are thick, what do they know'?Well matey we know a lot and do you know what? Our time will come and you will be left with more than a bloody nose, I'm sure… ask Gaddafi (if you could).