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New sub post office is more convenient

WE HAVE all heard the sad story of many sub post offices closing in the last few years. I was one of many Canterbury pensioners, alongside those collecting other welfare benefits, who were disappointed when the small Oaten Hill post office closed a few years in Canterbury. Many of us changed to another small friendly sub post office at St George’s in Lower Bridge Street. A few years later that post office also closed, in 2004.

Going to the High Street main post office instead quite often meant climbing stairs, long waits in queues and a range of different staff serving you. The rare good news now is that there is a new sub post office at Longport, less that 150 yards from the closed St George’s post office. It is in the Landis store, opposite St Augustine’s Abbey, and it is also friendly. You can wait out of the wind, rain or snow; it is open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.3Opm, including during lunch hours. You can also deal with your car tax there and send money abroad with Money Gram. Customers can also buy groceries on the way out.
You may find it a lot more convenient for you, so why not give it a try?

John Durham