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Meeting at St Lawrence Community Centre (opposite Budgens) starting at 7pm, Friday 1st December.

Some of the No Night Flights group will be doing a short presentation and answering your questions.

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  1. What's going on, just been reading the front page "Kent on Sunday" December the 4th 2011, "Airport fury as Kent told: The only way is not Essex".A proposal by Kent County Council leader Paul Carter to site a new airport in Essex has been blasted as "stupid & thoughtless or worse, rude & deliberately disingenous" by the leader of Thurrock Council, etc etc etc.Is this the same Paul Carter who wants or wanted Manston? Or could it be he knows a little more about Manston than we do, why the big rush to get all night flying @ Manston? Could it be something to do with the expansion of Southend airport, also there's still talk about a new hub around the Thames gateway, with all this going on what chance has Manston got & no doubt Infratil knows this, could it be they want to walk away from Manston but @ present it's worth nothing, what will it be worth with all night flying, they then sell up & we're stuck with it.

  2. Perhaps Carter doesn't think there are any houses in Essex. He didn't realise there were any in Ramsgate. When his mistake was pointed out to him he declined to come down and face the music. I never saw any kind of apology. Was there one? What kind of King doesn't know where his subjects live?

  3. Local Resident

    Paul Carter is no different than anyone else faced with a fully operational airport nearby. He will be saying, quite rightly, "anywhere but near me". He wants an airport as long as it's not built near where he lives ! He is just another so called "nimby". What he needs to learn is, it's not nice or good for the area being under the threat of this for year after year. Manston is not the place to have another London Airport. Money should not be wasted on continued plans, just in case. A station near Manston costing millions of pounds in this economical climate is a total waste of public money. The private airport owners are on the verge of pulling out, just like the last two, if they don't get constant hand-outs from the public purse. What benefit is all this to Thanet ? Thousands of jobs at Manston, my arse !On another note, to all those who say "why move near an airport if you don't like to be woken up with the noise". Manston airport was a military airstrip. It wasn't built to become a commercial enterprise. People expected to put up with small planes flying in and out because the pilots were fighting for our Country and freedom. This is not the case now. The latest Kiwi owners are desperate to make some money out of the land and will stoop to asking freight companies with poor records and noisy aircraft to come here in the night because they know no other airport will accept them. This will be at our peril.

  4. Ramsgate Resident

    I see the airport owners are still getting away with night flights. I was woken at 03.30 hours, this morning the 9/12/11, by a plane outward bound from Manston.