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Museum is valued

I was absolutely appalled at the comments made by Jim Williamson in his letter regarding the intended closure at Herne Bay museum (“Scrap boring museums, Your Views, Hems Bay Times, March 4). It appears his dislike of it dates back to childhood but he has said that the building is full of worthless objects and that nobody ever goes there, and to put the boot in, applauds the Tory council in its action. I am sure they are relieved that they have one person in Herne Bay who is a fan of theirs!

There are regular, interesting exhibitions taking place in the museum all year round and, if Jim read the visitors’ book, he would see that people from outside the Bay do know of the museum’s existence. I do not understand his stance. I know he is entitled to his opinion but it appears to be somewhat misguided, a bit like the council he has rushed off to support. Let’s hope that the fight decision, one based on the majority, is made.

Peter Cullen
High Street, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010