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More interested in cash than residents

ANY company with a £7.5 million turnover that could make a £2.5m profit could be accused of profiteering. If that company was the sole source of its product, then this could be construed as racketeering. Yet this is exactly what is happening to the residents in the Canterbury area when it comes to parking!

The council dictates the parking restrictions and where and how long we can park and is making an annual £2.5m profit, which in real world terms, could probably be even more, since they can write their own “cost”. Altering the Gorrell Tank car park to short stay is more about having an excuse to raise the price by 50% than meeting the wishes of residents. If councillors think they are right to take this course of action, stand up and be counted and give us your names. At least then come next election day, we will know what we are voting for!

Terry Hudson, by e-mail

Herne Bay Times, January 16th 2014

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