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Manston Solved

Simple: TDC gets the District Valuer to value the Manston site, asap.

TDC will have to get it valued if they want to CPO it (and they appear to be dead set on carrying out a CPO), and they should do it sooner rather than later – it might resolve their current predicament.

If the value seems too low to Ann Gloag, she will (probably) make that clear to TDC, who will then know they will have an expensive legal fight on their hands, and might want to have a rethink.

If the value seems too high to RiverOak, they will withdraw.

As for any commercial transaction, the price has to be right. So far, nobody has bothered to find out what the price will actually be.

If you think this is a sensible course of action, do feel free to contact TDC’s Leader and TDC’s Acting Chief Executive:

madeline.homer@thanet.gov.uk – Madeline Homer (acting CEO of Thanet District Council)

cllr-iris.johnston@thanet.gov.uk – Cllr Iris Johnston (Leader of Thanet District Council, Labour)

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  1. You obviously haven’t been paying attention to how the process works – TDC are already in the process of establishing the potential CPO value of the site to determine whether the EU procurement rules apply. And a low value will only have two outcomes – Ann Gloag won’t be prepared to risk a successful CPO and will offer to sell to RiverOak, or she will go ahead with the "expensive legal fight" which RiverOak, if selected as the indemnity partner, have already said they will pay for. Given that this page is apparently dedicated to a "no night flights cause", I’m unsure as to why it seems to instead be campaigning to keep the airport closed – it is possible to have an airport without night flights, RiverOak have said their business plan will not require night flights and Iris Johnston has also said she is against night flights. The issue at stake is the economic future of Thanet, and I’m not entirely sure why residents of Herne Bay feel they should have some influence over that.

  2. In response to Ian’s post. It does not feel like a situation where you can trust either Riveroak (who know less than any of us about running an airport) or Iris Johnston. Note how incredibly non-impartial our Labour leader is – standing for pictures wearing a Save Manston t-shirt…! These councillors want votes and will say and do anything regarding this serious issue. If Manston is kept open/re-opened/whatever…it will almost certainly depend on as many nightflights as it can get to stay afloat, broken down pollution machines roaring deafeningly over Ramsgate through all the wee hours. A few non-skilled jobs (other than pilots) and generations of poorly educated youngsters will be the legacy of Manston. That’s it.

  3. Disgusted of Herne Bay

    Residents of Herne Bay live under the flight path too! That’s why we are concerned about the future of Manston and the prospect of more noisy and polluting night flights!

  4. All of Manstons supporters want night flights for the airport to be a success @ their first meeting @ the Winter Gardens in Margate even councillor Iris Johnson & all the other party’s agreed that the 106 agreement needs changing rapidly to allow night flights, so are they now looking for local support for Manston by now saying there’s no need for night flights, then when they’ve got your support the airport re-opens then they change the 106 agreement to allow night flights then Ramsgate is going to be hell with noise & pollution if this is what you want then go for it, our problem is who do you vote for as they all want the same.

  5. I have been asked to place a comment on the site anonymously, on behalf of a seasoned local campaigner – "Please post under Anonymous, I find the supporters an ugly bunch, and too aggressive for me." If anyone else is intimidated by the pro-Manston gang, and would like me to post on their behalf, I’ll be more than happy to.This is in response to Ian’s comment:The residents of Herne Bay are involved because whether night or day, planes fly over them.2. If we do not, why was someone collecting signatures in Herne Bay?3. Some petitioners to CPO live 50 miles away and when I phoned TDC a spokesman said that an airport is a public transport facility so it concerns everyone, so his argument is flawed.4. You may have a No Night Flights interest, but a lot of people do not want an airport, full stop.5. If Ian wants an airport to succeed, does he only want the people of Thanet using it? He can’t have it both ways.6. Some say Ann Gloag has taken "their land", but so will RiverOak.

  6. Why does Ian believe RiverOak. Nobody has made a success of the airport and according to the last owners the only way forward was for them to operate night flights. Do we know if RiverOak have sufficient capital to make the massive investment which TDC’s commissioned report identified as being necessary. That report surely was the death knell for Manston as a viable airport. In fact it hasn’t been viable for years.Ray