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Manston Pickle

The already deprived residents of one of the poorest local authorities in England may soon be deprived of sleep, too — thanks to the ineptitude of Thanet council.

Thanet’s Manston airport, owned by Kiwi conglomerate lnfratil, wants to operate flights throughout the night — mostly old, noisy freight 747s. The airport’s boss, Charles “Manston” Buchanan, says this will somehow help create more than 3,000 jobs, as well as, one presumes, raging insomnia for the thousands of council taxpayers who live under the flight path.

An independent study commissioned by Thanet’s previous Tory administration pooh-poohed Manston’s pie-in-the-sky job creation numbers, reporting that the figure was likely to be “significantly overstated”. Back in December the Tories lost control to Labour, who have subsequently dropped detailed legal investigation in favour of the much cheaper fudge of a public “consultation”.

As part of this brave new rubber-stamping approach, the council’s website even published a link to the airport’s own version of the night flight consultation, where Manston says “your comments may also be forwarded to Thanet district council”. “May”?

Other councils take note: unpopular scheme in the pipeline? Why not put the consultation in the hands of the applicants? Two birds with one stone. Brilliant!

Private Eye 9th Mar 2012

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  1. NEWSFLASH – BBC Radio Kent 8/3/2012 11.50amMANSTON AIRPORT IS UP FOR SALE !!

  2. Well written that journalist. And thanks to all the efforts by No Night Flights and the Ramsgate resistance, Infratil has finally made up it's mind to sell which is precisely what it has been planning to do for years, but was hoping for a bit of value added at the expense of resident's.When's the party? But also we need to be prepared for the next installment of what to do with a very long bit of tarmac!

  3. Dear Neighbours – we owe a debt of gratitude to EDDIE STOBART (dec) and his company for it was SOUTHEND airport that put the stake through Infratil's heart – not action by the spineless KDC or Ramsgate politicos – nor, sadly – by our own splendid Manston No Flights activists. Just look at the list of carriers signed to Southend and you can see how hopeless Manston's position had become. But BE VIGILANT friends – Manston is not a national park just yet.

  4. Bit unfair as i suspect TDC under Labour expected a big NO vote with the local consultation.

  5. The figure was definitely "significantly overstated". People are overreacting.