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Manston now consulting on NOISE

Ah, the joys of consulting. North-east Kent’s favourite airport is obliged to produce a Noise Action Plan for the Government, and we all get to say what we think. As it says on their website:

It is a DEFRA requirement that all UK airports prepare a Noise Action Plan (NAP) based on 2011 noise maps. These regulations are a result of the European Directive commonly known as the Environmental Noise Directive (END).

The NAP considers whether the current noise control measures are sufficient with respect to Manston’s operations, and also describes other measures that will be introduced over the coming years to further mitigate the impact of the Airport’s operations on the local community.

Bickerdike Allen Partners have been retained by Manston Airport to prepare a Noise Action Plan. In summary this involves the drawing up of a draft NAP for consultation with the Airport’s Consultative Committee and the wider public.

The Airport’s Draft NAP is now completed and we invite you to view and comment on this document during the 16 week consultation period from 14 March to 4 July 2014. Following consultation the plan will be finalised and submitted to the Government.

So Manston have called in their old pals from Bickerdike Allen Partners to conjure up a report for them. Yes, it’s the very same Bickerdike Allen Partners who were caught out under-stating the noise nuisance from Manston the last time Manston hired them.

Have they learned their lessons? Are their facts now crisp, and bang on the nail? Er, no. I only got to page 5 before the red mist rose and obscured the nonsense. Section 1.2.1 – Airport Location starts:

“Manston Airport lies approximately 20 km northeast of Canterbury, Kent and 4 km west of Ramsgate.”

Here’s a map, there’s the scale, there’s the airport, and there’s Ramsgate. Four kilometres? Really? What do you think?

You can download your copy of BAP’s fairy story by clicking the picture right.

There is a prize of incalculable worth to the reader who finds and sends in the greatest number of errors, half-truths and truth-omissions.

They’re still pushing the line that noise should only be monitored between 11:30pm and 6:30am. And they say that the S106 is effective. And so on.

Read it, carefully, and TAKE PART IN THE CONSULTATION. If you live under or near the flight path, please remember that these people do not have your best interests at heart – it’s time to make your voice heard.

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  1. Thanks for your interest and time. I am for the airport being here but the night flights would be too intusive. I am directly effected by this, so this is not theoretical. At present all is ok but as you say we need not to be in the same position as we find ourself in re the EU, ie having to regain a lost cause and position.Lance.

  2. I thought the night flight application was dead in the water, obviously not, so I would be grateful if you can keep me informed as to when the Ramsgate population get their chance to comment. Monitored noise between 11.30pm and 6,30am is all good and well, if irrelevant, as no planes fly then. What about the monitoring of noise between 6.30am and 11.30pm. The KLM flights present no problems but the transport cargo planes are a completely different issue. The cargo planes need to be monitored not onlyfor noise levels but also pollution.

  3. Hmm. Quiet areas? Surely this is all around the airport!

  4. Don’t worry because the airport is in dire straits and possibly closing THANK GOD!!!!

  5. Barbara Lester

    BarbaraIt is not just all about night flights, passenger flights or the horrendous noise from cargo flights but to a great extent the training flights. These sometimes go on all day and two at a time. At the weekend a very large plane was practicing touch and go for an hour, My husband and myself were sitting in the garden but had to shut ourselves away because the noise was intolerable, even inside you could feel the bungalow tremble. I keep reading that TDC are involved in noise and pollution levels, I have seen no evidence of this. I rang the TDC today to see if I could have decibels measured from my property, they said they would get back to me….. waiting. What good are decibel recording devices situated at St Nicholas at Wade roundabout and Chapel Street when the noise is at its worst over Nethercourt where the planes fly at extremely low altitudes due to taking off and landing right next door. It is intolerable and by placing the decibel measuring equipment so far from the most adversely effected area Manston are making a complete mockery of the situation. My biggest fear is that the latest news about the 45 day consultation concerning potential closure of Manston is merely a ploy to dissuade local residents from pursuing complaints so they can later announce they have experienced very little opposition. Let us not forget when an online survey was provided with a deliberately tight deadline, it was inadequately reported at short notice and the content lacked any useful criteria to residents except from mainly those unaffected (people wanting to use airport) and not in close proximity. The majority of Nethercourt residents are pensioners not all of which will own or otherwise use computers. Why must our lives be blighted by one inconsiderate owner after another who ignore various straightforward options to minimize noise pollution for neighbouring densely populated residential areas. For instance why use such noisy heavy planes for landing and take-off multiple times per day on training days and at weekends when this only exacerbates the problem.

  6. Kent Resident

    Since when has Margate been as far as 6 km North from Manston Airport ? They are not even near with that approximation. There should be independent organisations that produce these reports, not companies working for the airports !

  7. Jo – Nethercourt Hill.Heard with some sadness that Manston Airport may close. Whilst I have opposed the proposals for Night flights and had hoped as other commenters that ‘it was dead in the water’ and we do find the excessive noise of the mostly antiquated cargo planes really intrusive there is still an element of nostalgia.When EuJet started flights to Scotland it was a real bonus as we have family on Scotland and 1 hour was preferable to a whole days travel by either train or car.I can’t help think there is a hidden agenda to this latest proposal. Not being privy to the contract involved in the purchase of the airport last year for 1. It now seems strange that there are plans afoot for 800 homes near Manston. The airport site would prove a financial gem if sold for housing development. Just a thought!It seems to me that there should be other routes investigated including Spain, Balearics and Portugal to think of a few. Once the facility goes it’s gone for ever.

  8. Yes there is a few untruths in this report the noise contour lines shown are incorrect my home is presently under these lines but it doesn’t show on their lines, Manston closing ? unsure about that KLM have been flying since mid April last year they wanted an up front payment of 680,000 to come here was that just for a year ? are they now after that figure again, TDC paid part of that last year how much I have no idea, perhaps Manston is trying to pull another stroke.Brian.