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Manston, elections, and money

Dennis Franklin is a regular contributor to the IoT Gazette letters page, and sent us this letter to publish in full, just in case the Gazette doesn’t…

I know what follows is lengthy, but I am trying to make some important points about Manston, forthcoming elections, and the use of public money. Also, I feel there have been more pro Manston letters published than against, so I hope space can be found for the following:

Astute readers of the Thanet Gazette letters page will realise I am opposed to Manston airport for 2 reasons, one is I am against social injustice. There are 60,000 households in Thanet, and perhaps 10,000 including some who are not in Thanet, who are effected by low flying aircraft creating air and noise pollution, asthma, pulmonary disease, stress and lower life expectancy.

I do not understand why those in favour of the airport, most of whom are not affected this way, think they can bully those who are, into sacrificing their quality of life, and devaluation of their homes, for what? Most of any new jobs will go to outside experts, and its misguided to think it will increase tourism, it won’t, not if 50 to 100 aircraft a day fly low over Ramsgate Harbour, which an economist in the Thanet Gazette predicted it will be needed to make Manston viable!

My second objection is that I do not agree public funds i.e. Income and Council Tax money should be used to subsidise private enterprise! I have been in correspondence with UKIP KCC Councillor Roger Latchford on this, because KCC UKIP Councillor Trevor Shonk tried to conceal from me that there was a proposal to build another railway station 1 mile from one at Minster, and one and a half miles from Ramsgate station, purely for the use of Ann Gloag the owner of Manston Airport, at a cost to the public of £10.5 million! I suggested there are more worthy ways to spend £10.5 million of our money, like redeveloping the disused gas works site in Ramsgate for hundreds of social/affordable homes for a start!

Shamefully more or less every local politician from Laura Sandys to Green (sic) Party councillor Ian Driver, want to use public money to subsidise Manston, why? Because they are electioneering for the forthcoming elections, that’s why! Don’t be duped, they intend to cynically abandon and sell out the people who live under the flight paths, who will have their lives ruined by low flying aircraft. And would those people involved with Why Not Manston, please note, every attempt to make Manston profitable has failed, even when EU Jet tried bussing people in from Medway!

I agree with Mike Pearce in his article in last week’s Thanet Gazette, it will stick in the craw of those people who lost their jobs due to KCC cut backs, which also reduced funding for road repairs, schools, libraries, social services for young and old etc, only instead to see millions of pounds of public money being poured into private pockets to try and shore up this obsolete airport! If UKIP have their way and bully KCC into coming up with £200 millions of tax payers money to subsidise Manston airport, just to get elected, it will be a travesty!

Finally, will people stop banging on about Manston’s glorious military past? The Cold War ended 25 years ago, and I don’t remember seeing a single National Serviceman who didn’t loathe every wasted minute of it!

Dennis Franklin, Ramsgate

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  1. I for one have always been against the airport.I have lived in the bay for 16yrs and have enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Herne Bay,I am not politically motivated simply because i considerpolitics to be as corrupt as the likes of the underworld,and i think this guise to make the airport a viable concernstinks of corruption too.Capitalism will be the cause of the end of the world.

  2. Dave Britton

    Here, here, Manston is a lost cause, all the winging and false reports about how good Manston will be if it gets night flights, have been proven over the last 20 odd years to be pie in the sky nonsense, Manston is really just and old RAF airfield that has outlived its usefulness. So what’s the best thing to do with it ! Bury it and build houses, or dig it up and plant cabbages, (because mostly cabbages thrive in Thanet) all the sour faced griping in the world will not make Manston into a job producing business, millions have been thrown away proving it’s just a great big white elephant, and remember mostly it’s been your money that has been thrown at it.

  3. INVESTORS IN MANSTON AIRPORT SHOULD CONSIDER:http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/9640078.HomesunderSouthendAirportflightpathurgedtomakecompensationclaims/Homes under Southend Airport flightpath urged to make compensation claimshttp://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10302074.950homeownersseekingcompensationfromSouthend_Airport/950 homeowners seeking compensation from Southend Airporthttp://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=3738Over 1,000 claims for compensation from Southend Airport due to loss in value of homes, because of aircraft noise

  4. I totally agree with all of you. I am on the flight path on Studd Hill and the peace and quiet I used to enjoy is now shattered by extremely low flying planes.