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Local Plan: Whitstable councillor says – Get Involved

Campaign groups and residents are being urged to have their say on a document that will set out plans for the town’s future development. At the first public discussion of the draft local plan on Monday, Whitstable Conservative Ashley Clark said it was vital that people got involved.

The town has been earmarked for 400 new homes alongside Duncan Down, between St Luke’s Close and the Thanet Way, with a new junction off the Thanet Way. There is also a proposal for a green burial site on part of Duncan Down as well as more pedestrian access.

Mr Clark – who is barred from commenting on the Down plans because of his role as secretary of the Friends of the Downs – said:

“I don’t agree with everything in this local plan. But this is not the end, this is merely the beginning. We are going to have a consultation but to do that we need something to put out to consultation, otherwise it would be like herding cats. Canterbury has got off lightly in the past. Whitstable has taken a lot of pain.”

Studies commissioned by the council suggested most people’s preferred choice for more developments was Herne Bay, then larger villages, then Whitstable, and last Canterbury. [click here to see why this is untrue]

But 70% of people did not support building on greenfield sites.

thisiskent 17th May 2013

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