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Local plan views must be sent again

We commented on the first draft Local Plan, along with many others. People may not be aware that their comments on the first draft will not be placed before the inspector at the plan inquiry. All that he will have will be the city council’s summary of those comments, and this by no means conveys in full the views and feelings of them. It is therefore essential also to comment on the final draft plan, even if, in many cases, those comments may be repetitive. Those comments should be as per the council forms and, if people wish to attend the inquiry, the appropriate section of each form should be completed. The letter sent by the city council to people who responded to the first draft is misleading and ambiguous in that it may be taken as an assurance that all the very many comments made about the first draft plan will be before the inspector. This is not the case, and it is unlikely in the extreme that the inspector will either have them or read them. So – all those who responded previously, please do so again. Localism will otherwise take a back seat.

Barrie Gore
Chairman, Canterbury district, CPRE Kent, Ashford Road, Charing

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